In this life, we can face many challenges and struggles. Sometimes, it can all get a bit too much and we need someone to help us through things. We can feel isolated in our moment of need, wanting to reach out to family and friends, but they are often caught up in their own issues and cannot fully attend to ours. 

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As a qualified counsellor, I am trained to give you full attention and truly listen to you, with heart-felt compassion and understanding. No matter what problems you are experiencing, I will hold you in a safe and non-judgemental space where you can explore your issues freely. I will walk alongside you as you get things off your chest, helping you to find clarity and resolve inner conflicts. Being held in this therapeutic environment will give you the space to grow and transform, allowing you to be accepted for who you truly are. 

Transmutation is at the heart of all my therapeutic work. In alchemical terms, it is the process of transforming lead to gold, helping you to change from a state of distress and inner conflict to a state of wholeness and authenticity. 

Nick Peterson

My ethos is to work holistically with the mind, body and spirit, as I believe that all three of these are interconnected and impact upon our wellbeing. As such, I bring aspects of mindfulness and other healing modalities into my practice, tailoring the sessions to your individual needs. Please explore my “What I Offer” page to find the right sort of therapy for you.