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Being Committed To Your Personal Growth: Embarking Upon The Knight’s Quest

Most of us just want to be happy and fulfilled, but how do we reach that place of authenticity and wholeness?

Becoming your authentic self doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a strong commitment to your personal growth, embarking upon a quest of self-discovery and transformation. To help us do this, we can call upon the energy of the knight.

The knight is committed to his quest, travelling over hill and dale in the pursuit of his goal. He is dogged and determined, never losing sight of his goal even if he faces challenges on the road. In our case, the goal is becoming who we really are and realising our fullest potential, which can sometimes seem as elusive as the Holy Grail.

And what is the Holy Grail? What is this mythical object that is spoken about in the old legends? It is something that represents the search for the true nature of who we really are, which can often be elusive and hidden from plain sight, but the knight has faith in that which he cannot see, believing that this elusive object is something that can be attained. So too can we have faith in the vision of who we want to become and the golden potential we are trying to find within ourselves.

As the knight embarks upon his quest, he is bound by a code of honour – a set of values that determines what he stands for and what he doesn’t. This serves him well in his quest, ensuring that he acts and behaves in accordance with his vision, making choices that take him closer towards the promised land rather than further away from it.

By adopting your own code of honour, you will be governed by a set of personal values that help you on your quest. You will know what serves your growth and what doesn’t. And having a code of honour creates good boundaries in your life, making it easier to listen to yourself and your needs. This code of honour will ultimately help you to be in service to yourself along the road.

And while the knight never loses sight of the vision, he realises that it’s not all about the destination. He thoroughly enjoys the journey also, appreciating all of the beautiful things in life, which brings much excitement and passion to his quest. This romantic side of the knight can really help us to fall in love with life, in spite of the challenges along the road. We too can learn to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and appreciate the beauty of what we encounter.

The knight canters forward to meet life’s unfolding in a noble and dignified manner. He knows that there may well be perilous times upon the road, where he encounters all sorts of fearsome monsters and tricky obstacles, but he remains loyal and devoted to his quest. Ultimately, there are hidden treasures to be found along the road, along with magical places and encounters, which makes the quest very rewarding and benificial.

In our own quest for authenticity and fulfilment, we are likely to face all sorts of inner demons that need to be vanquished, but ultimately we set out on this quest to find the treasure within. And when we start to realise our golden potential and become who we really are, it is affirmed to us that being committed to the quest is totally worthwhile.

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