How To Create Lasting Joy In Your Life

The goal for many of us is to find lasting joy in our lives, and yet joy can seem like such an elusive thing. We seek it in all kinds of places, often turning to substances and other external pleasures to help us reach those joyous highs. But even when we’re on Cloud 9, something can easily bring us crashing down again. Like the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, it can seem that whenever we fly too high, the sun melts our wings and we come crashing down to earth.

The problem with this type of joy is that it isn’t grounded. As pleasurable as it can be to escape into these spacey and trascendant highs, whether induced by drugs or spiritual practices or however else you might reach those heights, we have to leave the earthly plane in order to experience them and will inevitably have our wings melted by the sun.

But is there a way to create lasting joy in our lives? Is it possible to awaken joy within ourselves that is more rooted in the here-and-now?

At the core of our being, we all have a wellspring of joy, just waiting to be awakened and unleashed! This wellspring is so often blocked off because we’ve become disconnected from our inner child, who has often been wounded and doesn’t feel safe enough to play. But if we begin to reconnect with our inner child and heal their wounds, then we can remove the blocks and help the joy to come through.

Once unleashed, this fountain of joy will bubble up into your everyday experience, without you needing to fly off into the clouds. You won’t need a reason to feel this way – it will just flow through you and light up your life. Indeed, this innate joy will simply emerge from deep within your body and radiate from your heart, so that you glow with joy, fully embodying it in the here-and-now.

This joy of being is available to us all. Of course, there will still be times when this wellspring becomes blocked, but we will know that it is still there within us, ready to be unleashed again. And often, it can take just the tiniest thing to unblock it! This wellspring of joy is immensely healing, melting away our stresses and worldly woes as it erupts through us and boosts our wellbeing.

And so one’s mood can easily and naturally be restored once you have easy access to this wellspring of joy. It is almost as if the body knows that it can self-heal through accessing this place. And once you’ve worked through your blocks and reconnected with your inner child, so too will you have access to this natural wellspring within you.

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